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Dr. Tess: The Beauty Of Giving Back

Dr. Tess  The Beauty of Giving Back   San Diego 6   Health   BeautyKayDean is about to turn 70 years old, but as she shared on San Diego Living this week, she feels 39. That is thanks in part to the new look and outlook that she has after undergoing the Time Machine Procedure with Dr. Tess Mauricio, MD.  She appears on the morning show makeup free to show just how wonderful the results have been. Take a look…

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Austin, TX Hosts The Time Machine Procedure Workshop

Time Machine Procedure Austin TexasThe Hottest Procedure in America is the Time Machine procedure. The revolutionary, non-surgical procedure has been sweeping the nation and is stopping in Austin, Texas for a visit.

Using the most advance technologies and techniques available, the Time Machine Procedure sends patients back in time, looking 10-15 years younger. The inventor of the Time Machine Procedure is America’s Favorite Dermatologist, Dr. Tess Mauricio. Dr. Tess will be in person at the Marriott south in Austin, TX on December 6th to speak about this amazing procedure.

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Time Machine Procedure Unlocks Secrets To Looking 10 Years Younger

Time Machine Procedure Skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments typically address a single issue, whether it be fine lines, sun damage, wrinkles or sagging skin. Wouldn’t it be better and easier to treat all your skin problems in one process to achieve the most optimal results? That’s the benefit of the Time Machine Procedure, a breakthrough non-surgical skin rejuvenation and anti-aging process developed by celebrity dermatologist Dr. Tess Mauricio. It is now being offered by providers across the country who have been personally trained by Dr. Tess.

The Time Machine Procedure is customized to each person’s unique skin type, color and condition to achieve the best overall results. This provides a treatment that is not only more effective for each skin problem, but is also safe for any skin color. In the past, anyone with olive- tone or darker skin had to be concerned about burning, skin discoloration or scarring, especially with some of the popular aesthetic laser treatments.

With the Time Machine Procedure, each person’s skin condition and color is analyzed and a customized treatment plan is created. Using a flexible combination of cutting edge devices and advanced biological applications, the skin can be “brought back” to looking a decade or more younger, all without going under the knife or putting up with weeks of downtime. Facial volume is restored in a process called “collagen induction therapy” while customized treatments for fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage are combined in the process to complement each other. You’ll receive complements on your younger-looking skin!
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