Time Machine Procedure Goes To Hawaii

Time machine procedure HawaiiThe new, non-surgical Time Machine Procedure that has been sweeping the continental United States is now taking the trip to Hawaii. This revolutionary procedure allows each patient to have a customizable treatment for their skin and the treatment can take years off a patients appearance without getting nipped and tucked.

Take a look at the excerpt from the article below…

It would be difficult to believe that fresh-faced, glowing beauty and “America’s Favorite Dermatologist” Dr. Tess Mauricio suffered from a case of eczema as a child. In fact, her mom would have her daughter wear knee-high socks to camouflage the scars. Fast forward to the present, and “Dr. Tess” is the one helping others with their skin as a cosmetic dermatologist. Mauricio was in the islands recently, promoting her newest invention a procedure called Time Machine (or shall we say Fountain of Youth?).

So many patients want the results of an actual facelift without the actual procedure.  There are many reasons for and against getting surgery, but the Time Machine Procedure is the solution to the problem. You can really take years off your appearance without any invasive procedures.

Find out what you have been waiting for and find a Time Machine doctor near you.

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